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Last night was good times.

A bunch of people came over, and a bunch of people smoked up. It was a mess of laughter, weed, and lots of chips. and beer. Can never go wrong with a few bottles of Kokanee when you're smokin up out of a really awesome bong. Which is thanks to Brent who brought it... which was nice so we didn't have to sit there rollin. 'Specially cuz I have like no rollin paper left

Ariel ended up passing out on a bean bag chair in my basement, so he didn't leave til like 2 this afternoon.

And my rents bitched about us smokin up in the basement. "Blah blah bla, poor ventilation, blah blah blah." If it wasn't cold, we woulda done it in the backyard. Whatever. I wonder when they're gonna kick me out.

Ah well, so then after Ariel left, I put some music on, and jammed along on my drums. Well, until Caci called. I spent 3 hours on the phone with her. I hate the phone, it's so annoying. But talkin to her is cool, so yeah. We're going out for lunch tomorrow afternoon. I wonder where this is gonna go. Me and her.

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