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So, after talking to Cassie, I decided to get one of these LiveJournal things. I knew about them before, cuz they're really popular.

These days, I've been pretty bored, honestly. I haven't hung out with anyone lately, wtf is up with that?

Good news, the renewal. 19 episodes. I still have a job, which is ALWAYS a freaking good thing. Other good stuff... Taste of Chaos tour was last week. It kicked ass, because... well, you know. A bunch of my favourite bands playing a great show at Arrow Hall? Oh hell yes.

And uh, that's all for now? I didn't sleep last night... stayed online all night. Yay insomnia. Only not. So yes, going to sleep now. Even though it's almost 5 pm.


PS: Sexxxed up layout coming soon.

PPS: AIM me at shanecaughtfire
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