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[3/20/05, 6 pm]
I'll kill him.
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Random [3/17/05, 11 pm]
So today wasnt really excting, just the last day of freedom before we go back to work tomorrow. I hung with Caci today, and I brought my cam with me.. I took a couple of pics of her. So before you MEET her, you can see what she looks like. =D

She's SOOO HOT.Collapse )


And I'm going to bed. Thats is all.

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[3/15/05, 10 pm]
Now, did you think you'd be able to go a day without an update from me? OF COURSE NOT.

I know my life is usually super uber exciting, but today was laaaaaaid back. Without smokin' up or anything. I just hung out, watched some Family Guy DVDs, and read over the script.

I'm stoked for this season, just based on 401/402 alone. There's a couple of great lines in there that I'm really looking forward to saying. Overall, things are looking good. Which is nice. I like having a job that doesnt suck. Imagine being a cubicle slave? I COULD NEVER.

I'm thinking about a new piercing. Maybe a new tat. Not sure yet. Hmmm.

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[3/14/05, 10 pm]
[ mood | loved ]


I took a shower, left my house at 12 and met Caci for lunch ALL the way downtown. You know, the whole 20 minute drive. It was cool... same ol' talking and goofin off. She's so funny, she makes more sex jokes than I do. CRAZY EH?

After that, we decided to come chill at my place.... my bro and sis-in-law were both there. I dont know why, GAWD they moved to Scarborough like.. .forever ago. But they're always in my house. Or my parents house. They wanted to get to know her (apparently if I go on more than one date with a chick, all three bros need to approve her. LOSERS.).. they got along well, she toned herself down and played it mature and shit.

Then we went upstairs in my room cuz she challenged me at SSX3. No, we did nothing naughty in my room, there's a WONDERFUL unopened box of Trojans (SHARED PLEASURE, BITCHES) hanging out in my sock drawer, which will remained unopened. Why? Oh you'll see.

So after she totally kicked my ass (I swear, i let her win!), I chased her around and tickled her because I like annoying chicks like that. They always hate it. But when it calmed down I realized how... much more fun I feel with her. And I asked her to be my.....





That's right, I, Shane Warren Kippel, am no longer single. I'm giving up my life of pimpness for now to have a relationship with one person. MONOGAMY WOOT. And that means I'm gonna respect her and wait and not fuck her. Well, eventually, but when she's ready.

I bet everyone's jaw just dropped at that. I don't give a shit, I feel really good right now.

And I'm still the hottest.



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WOOO. [3/13/05, 7 pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Last night was good times.

A bunch of people came over, and a bunch of people smoked up. It was a mess of laughter, weed, and lots of chips. and beer. Can never go wrong with a few bottles of Kokanee when you're smokin up out of a really awesome bong. Which is thanks to Brent who brought it... which was nice so we didn't have to sit there rollin. 'Specially cuz I have like no rollin paper left

Ariel ended up passing out on a bean bag chair in my basement, so he didn't leave til like 2 this afternoon.

And my rents bitched about us smokin up in the basement. "Blah blah bla, poor ventilation, blah blah blah." If it wasn't cold, we woulda done it in the backyard. Whatever. I wonder when they're gonna kick me out.

Ah well, so then after Ariel left, I put some music on, and jammed along on my drums. Well, until Caci called. I spent 3 hours on the phone with her. I hate the phone, it's so annoying. But talkin to her is cool, so yeah. We're going out for lunch tomorrow afternoon. I wonder where this is gonna go. Me and her.


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Hotness update... the date. [3/12/05, 11 am]
So yesterday was good good gooood.

I got about 3 hours of sleep I woke up.. then I smoked up. I talked to both Dea and Cassie while I was completely BAKED. It was fun, even if I can't really type at all when I'm high.

After the high wore off, I took a shower, and talked to Laur for a while, while I got ready for my hotness date with Caci.

Yes, Caci. Two nights in a row, I went out with the same chick.

We went to Shred Central, and daaaaaaaamn that girl can rip it up on her board. She was doing rail kisses, indies, heelflips, varial kickflips... she was sick out there. She's been boarding since she was like... 8 or something. And damn, she looked SO hot. Straylight Run tee, some hot jeans, and a pair of Vans... she's so hot.

We left SC at 9 when they closed, and then went to this funky little Chinese joint close by to eat. We talked about music, people, past things.... working, school. It's awesome, she's like me.... with tits and a vagina. She's even a lefty, which is way weird, but awesome. After all the talking and eating, I drove her back to her house. We "hung out" in my car for a little while, and then she went in, and I went home.

I'm putting my macking skills away for a bit. So many hot chicks, so little time... but she may be worth it. Most chicks, by a second date, it'd be sex and move on, but she's... I don't know... different. In a good way.

Anyway. Tonight I'm chillin with Brent, Ariel and the guys, and I think Dea's coming too. Gettin stoned for the last time for a while. I think.

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Whoa, twice! [3/10/05, 10 pm]
[ mood | content ]

Yeah, thats right, my LJ is so awesome (and now hottened by a layout that doesn't even have a real nosegrind in it, but that's okay!), that I'm updating a SECOND time tonight. Hot, right?

I chatted with both D and Cass before. It was awesome. I really do work with the coolest chicks ever. And they're hot too. ;)

But then after I ditched my awesome computer, I got ready for my date with this chick Caci. I met her at the HMV in Fairview Mall. Of course, she was hot. Short, dark hair... total skater chick. So hot. So we just decided to grab a bite at this funky little joint downtown for coffee and just talked. Mostly about music, bands and things like that.

I dunno, I've been dating around a lot lately, and I had a couple of other dates this week planned, but I think I'm really liking her. We're gonna go out again tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well.


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[3/10/05, 4 pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So, after talking to Cassie, I decided to get one of these LiveJournal things. I knew about them before, cuz they're really popular.

These days, I've been pretty bored, honestly. I haven't hung out with anyone lately, wtf is up with that?

Good news, the renewal. 19 episodes. I still have a job, which is ALWAYS a freaking good thing. Other good stuff... Taste of Chaos tour was last week. It kicked ass, because... well, you know. A bunch of my favourite bands playing a great show at Arrow Hall? Oh hell yes.

And uh, that's all for now? I didn't sleep last night... stayed online all night. Yay insomnia. Only not. So yes, going to sleep now. Even though it's almost 5 pm.


PS: Sexxxed up layout coming soon.

PPS: AIM me at shanecaughtfire

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