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I took a shower, left my house at 12 and met Caci for lunch ALL the way downtown. You know, the whole 20 minute drive. It was cool... same ol' talking and goofin off. She's so funny, she makes more sex jokes than I do. CRAZY EH?

After that, we decided to come chill at my place.... my bro and sis-in-law were both there. I dont know why, GAWD they moved to Scarborough like.. .forever ago. But they're always in my house. Or my parents house. They wanted to get to know her (apparently if I go on more than one date with a chick, all three bros need to approve her. LOSERS.).. they got along well, she toned herself down and played it mature and shit.

Then we went upstairs in my room cuz she challenged me at SSX3. No, we did nothing naughty in my room, there's a WONDERFUL unopened box of Trojans (SHARED PLEASURE, BITCHES) hanging out in my sock drawer, which will remained unopened. Why? Oh you'll see.

So after she totally kicked my ass (I swear, i let her win!), I chased her around and tickled her because I like annoying chicks like that. They always hate it. But when it calmed down I realized how... much more fun I feel with her. And I asked her to be my.....





That's right, I, Shane Warren Kippel, am no longer single. I'm giving up my life of pimpness for now to have a relationship with one person. MONOGAMY WOOT. And that means I'm gonna respect her and wait and not fuck her. Well, eventually, but when she's ready.

I bet everyone's jaw just dropped at that. I don't give a shit, I feel really good right now.

And I'm still the hottest.


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