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Whoa, twice!

Yeah, thats right, my LJ is so awesome (and now hottened by a layout that doesn't even have a real nosegrind in it, but that's okay!), that I'm updating a SECOND time tonight. Hot, right?

I chatted with both D and Cass before. It was awesome. I really do work with the coolest chicks ever. And they're hot too. ;)

But then after I ditched my awesome computer, I got ready for my date with this chick Caci. I met her at the HMV in Fairview Mall. Of course, she was hot. Short, dark hair... total skater chick. So hot. So we just decided to grab a bite at this funky little joint downtown for coffee and just talked. Mostly about music, bands and things like that.

I dunno, I've been dating around a lot lately, and I had a couple of other dates this week planned, but I think I'm really liking her. We're gonna go out again tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well.

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