Shane (shanecaughtfire) wrote,

Hotness update... the date.

So yesterday was good good gooood.

I got about 3 hours of sleep I woke up.. then I smoked up. I talked to both Dea and Cassie while I was completely BAKED. It was fun, even if I can't really type at all when I'm high.

After the high wore off, I took a shower, and talked to Laur for a while, while I got ready for my hotness date with Caci.

Yes, Caci. Two nights in a row, I went out with the same chick.

We went to Shred Central, and daaaaaaaamn that girl can rip it up on her board. She was doing rail kisses, indies, heelflips, varial kickflips... she was sick out there. She's been boarding since she was like... 8 or something. And damn, she looked SO hot. Straylight Run tee, some hot jeans, and a pair of Vans... she's so hot.

We left SC at 9 when they closed, and then went to this funky little Chinese joint close by to eat. We talked about music, people, past things.... working, school. It's awesome, she's like me.... with tits and a vagina. She's even a lefty, which is way weird, but awesome. After all the talking and eating, I drove her back to her house. We "hung out" in my car for a little while, and then she went in, and I went home.

I'm putting my macking skills away for a bit. So many hot chicks, so little time... but she may be worth it. Most chicks, by a second date, it'd be sex and move on, but she's... I don't know... different. In a good way.

Anyway. Tonight I'm chillin with Brent, Ariel and the guys, and I think Dea's coming too. Gettin stoned for the last time for a while. I think.

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